Why Are Nitrile Gloves Mostly Blue?

Blue is the representative color of nitrile gloves, most of the nitrile gloves sold in the market are blue, and it is said that the earliest nitrile gloves in the world are also blue, why is this? Does blue nitrile gloves have any special function? The following is a brief answer from Decheng Medical.

In fact, the reason why nitrile gloves are mostly blue has a lot to do with doctors, which involves two theories of complementary color and afterimage.

Complementary colors are related to the way our brain perceives colors: the more saturated a color is, the easier it is to see its complementary color, and the two colors blue and green are complementary to the color of human internal organs and blood. This means that if a doctor is in an operating room where the walls are painted blue-green and sees a colleague wearing a blue-green surgical gown. Then during the surgery, his eyes will be more likely to distinguish the complementary color of blue-green, red, which is the color of a person’s internal organs and blood, and he will be able to do the surgery more precisely.

So why not simply use white gloves and surgical gowns? Doesn’t white contain all the colors of the rainbow? The reason is that white not only causes glare, but also makes people susceptible to an optical illusion called afterimage.

Since surgeons are highly concentrated when performing surgery, they keep a close eye on the red human internal organs. These blue-green afterimages can impair the surgeon’s vision and judgment, making them dangerous for the patient.

Therefore, using blue-green nitrile gloves and surgical gowns will not only not affect the surgeons’ ability to do surgery, but also improve their sensitivity to the red color, so to speak.

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