Medical Examination Nitrile Glove VS Medical Examination Latex Glove

Medical Examination Nitrile Glove:

  1. It is comfortable to wear. Wearing it for a long time will not cause skin tension and is conducive to blood circulation.
  2. It does not contain amino compounds and other harmful substances and rarely leads to human allergy.
  3. Good tensile strength, puncture resistance, not easy to damage.
  4. Good air tightness, the most effective way to prevent dust from spreading out.
  5. Superior chemical prevention performance and resistance to certain pH; Resistant to hydrocarbon attack and not easy to crack.
  6. It has no silicon component and certain antistatic performance. It is suitable for production in the electronic industry.
  7. Low surface chemical residue, low ion content and low particle content, suitable for strict dust-free room environment.

Medical Examination Latex Glove:

  1. Selected high quality natural latex as raw material, strong and durable, better protection.
  2. It fits your hands like a second layer of skin.
  3. Sharp touch and flexible operation.
  4. Textured outer surface design for increased friction and easy grip.
  5. Smooth interior and easy to wear.
  6. Ambidextrous design for convenience and quick application.



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