Disposable Medical Latex Gloves Allergy Prevention Measures

Medical gloves are used to protect the hands of medical personnel and reduce cross-infection between doctors and patients, and one of the most commonly used is disposable medical latex gloves. However, as the use of latex gloves becomes more widespread, the number of allergies caused by gloves is also increasing, posing a great safety risk to users. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Causes of allergies caused by latex gloves

Chemical allergies caused by glove products are generally related to the chemicals used in the glove manufacturing process. Glove manufacturers use a variety of chemicals to produce natural latex gloves and synthetic rubber gloves. The residual chemicals in the manufactured gloves penetrate the wearer’s skin creating an immune response that triggers chemical allergies.

Symptoms of chemical allergy (allergic contact dermatitis) begin when chemicals penetrate the skin, causing blistering, erythema, swelling, skin cracking and itching at the site of contact. This dermatitis usually spreads around the contact area (e.g., the forearm of a healthcare worker wearing gloves).

How can allergies due to medical latex gloves be effectively avoided?

  • Powder-free gloves are usually recommended over powdered gloves.
  • Individuals with latex allergy should use non-latex gloves, and it is also recommended that colleagues of latex-allergic individuals use powder-free latex or non-latex gloves in order to effectively prevent the spread of airborne allergens.
  • Individuals with chemical sensitivities should use pathogen-free gloves or gloves that have been shown to reduce the likelihood of individual sensitization to pathogens.
  • Pathogen- and promoter-free gloves should be selected, i.e., no promoters are used in the production of medical gloves.

As you can see, the best way to avoid latex glove allergies is still to reduce exposure, reduce contact with glove enhancers or even latex gloves to fundamentally reduce the chances of allergy. If you are also worried about latex gloves allergy, you can choose to buy Decheng Medical rubber gloves or powder-free gloves.

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